Sunday, October 17, 2010

a super fun day!

Meghan's birthday party was so much fun! A lot of her friends came to celebrate and she had a blast! We EVEN had a real live Tinker Bell! :) I will share more photos later but enjoy this one for now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I just stumbled across something incredible, thanks to leigh-ann of frecklednest. He is a sculptor/artist/carpenter and I seriously can't describe the talent myself, so I will share SOME of the works of Dalton Ghetti with you all.

wow. <3

this is my life.

Yes, this is going to be one of those posts boasting the cuteness of my not even two-year old daughter, Madalyn. She's 20 months old, and pretty much amazing. :)

yes, cute overload!

She LOVES to "cower mommy" and make art!

It's not the extravagant fort I had in mind, but she LOVE LOVE LOVES it, and tries to sleep in it every night.

and...yes...she's got style.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

almost 6.

almost 6., originally uploaded by caitamour.

i can't believe how fast she is growing! my baby sister isn't such a baby anymore.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Color. 4S

"where the rest of the world sees things in black & white, you see a million colors."

one:  paint, paint, and paint some more!
When Zach and I moved into our first apartment together I was 18, and we lived on a street called Jaeger Avenue, it was an ADORABLE apartment, and we only lived there for about 2 weeks. When we first moved in, with a roommate, we all decided to paint every room in the house. Oh. My. Gosh. It was incredibly difficult and took us the full two weeks that we lived there just to paint it, then we moved out. The living room was a charcoal gray, then the downstairs bedroom was RED. The upstairs living area had a ceiling that curved into two of the parallel walls, we painted that WHOLE "slab" and one of the adjacent walls navy, and the left over wall was painted with chalkboard paint. There was a little attic-like room that was tiny and pink, and our bedroom was a mauve purple. The bathroom was teal. What an adventure! I would have loved to live in that apartment, and I have decided that never will I ever become a home painter.

two: hair.
I am not so sure if this is so much a story, as it is just a somewhat useless fact, but-- I have had just about every color in my hair including but not limited to: brown (naturally), black, blonde, red, blue, green and purple. 

three: color cube!
I own enough clothing to cover a country. I also LOVE organizing, and am borderline obsessed with cube storage units. I use a 3x3 for my t-shirts, and organize them by color, I also do this with the things in my closet. :)

four: a nursery fit for a queen...
We lived in a house for a few months at one point and it was an old house in need of a lot of renovation. We couldn't afford to do much, but we redid Madalyn's room, and I made sure it was perfect! She had a bright purple carpet, a lemon pastel yellow on her walls and ceiling, and the closet and trim was a beautiful pink. I have a dream to paint a mural for her someday, but until then, her currently robin's egg blue colors shall do!

what a pretty picture...

I love these kids! They belong to a friend of mine :) and I have been babysitting them for about 3 or so years now! They are SO cute!

I think 4 is the magic number.

Yayy! I will now be featuring a new blog series in addition to my four simple goals. It is called "four stories" thought up by the LOVELY leigh-ann! I think this sounds really fun, and I only hope I can come up with 4 stories, I mean--I talk enough, I ought to have plenty of stories to tell. :)

4 Stories Details
- I'd love to read your 4 Stories! Please leave a link in the comments here if you join in :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

hello, cutest idea ever!

Thank you elsie [abeautifulmess] for sharing this photo from lissy elle, because I am absopositivelutely doing this for madalyn sometime very soon. How sweet!

I will share any progress.

oh... what to do now?

I have finished the PLL series, and WOW. The whole series kept me on my toes, and had me gasping. It was SO good. The ending was sad, but happy, and very surprising. It really makes you think "wow..." and I have found myself evaluating aspects of my life. Thank you Sara Shepard for writing these books! LOVE them. Now...I just have to find some more books to read. I read LA Candy by Lauren Conrad a couple years ago now, and now that the final book in the series of three has been released I want to start again. Im rambling now, so...later guys.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

dun dun dun dahhhh drumroll please...

I am now on the last book in the series, book eight of eight! I am almost sad to read it, because it means the series is ending, but the last book left me so anxious, I can't wait either. I really wish I didn't have to wait until January for the series to come back on television!

Yard sale at my mom's this weekend! I will be selling stuff, but I have to work, so I won't be there to help. bummer, I love yard sales.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

hey there sweetness...


these cute alice and wonderland cupcakes are super sweet.

How pretty, and creative!


Definitely wins for most adorable.

These are quite possibly the coolest cupcakes i have ever seen.

all images in this post via [weheartit]