Saturday, March 5, 2011

featured artist: redstarINK

Do you all remember when I was looking for the perfect planner? Well, I found it; and then some at redstarINK. "SIMPLE. BOLD. MODERN. PAPER GOODS"

It is officially a bill organizer!  BUY ONE HERE.

I decked mine out a little bit, that's the artist in me. :) They don't come with the tree on it--or with the massive amount of bills filled in. hehehe!

Her shop has a bunch of awesome journals, planners, and calendars. Also, wine tags and cards!

She sent me a couple extra little surprises too, which was SO sweet, and ALWAYS a wonderful surprise.

a postcard from her location.

and a card for me to send from mine. :)

REDSTAR ink is handmade paper goods. Marcie designs, prints, and assembles each product herself. "With a clean aesthetic and a focus on personal organization, REDSTAR ink provides products that are simple, bold, and modern."

"Using carefully selected materials, REDSTAR ink is committed to creating eco-friendly paper goods. All products are handmade in San Diego, California. Recycled materials are used whenever possible."

"Her goal is to create simple and useful items that are readily available. Most of [her] products are ready to ship, which means you will receive your purchase shortly after placing your order."

Check out her website at

She also has a blog for her business! YAY for blogs. CLICK HERE


do you remember me?

Wow! It has been WAY too long! I am checking in to let you all know I am alive, and have been very very busy. I am working on a feature post to share a fellow artist with you all this weekend. :)