Thursday, August 19, 2010

thursday's for changing it up.

Well, I must say that my diet change goal from last week has been successful! I have been drinking only diet again (if I am even drinking soda.) This week's change is to add something. WATER! We should drink 8 glasses a day, and I rarely even drink one...though I am not sure why, because I love water.
As far as the supply closet goal...there hasn't been any direct progress yet, but we have been doing some progressive organizing!


I haven't had to time to read anything, so that goal is sitting still at the moment. I may actually pull out my book here in a few minutes though, seeing as it is a slow day at work. (Watch me jinx it!)

I have yet to start with the day planner thing, mainly because I don't want to spend full price on a planner when the majority of the year is over. BUT I *have* been using a calendar; as well as working on some designs for next year's planner. I think it will double as my bill organizer. Unless someone decided to buy me the one from RedStar Ink, which is absolutely FABULOUS. Seriously. Look:


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