Saturday, September 25, 2010

finally a goal update!

I know I have been kind bad about doing my 4 simple goals posts, BUT I have still been doing them! ...kinda. hehe I am on book 7 of the Pretty Little Liars Series, and I almost don't want to read book 8, because I don't want it to end!!!


As far as my other goals are concerned, I have noticed my clothes are a little loose, so I think my healthy eating habits have been improving. I have also been making it a point to move around more.

I have also been getting rid of a lot of stuff, so my art closet should definitely be complete before the year ends. But, I do think I may break down and just BUY the perfect bill planner from RedStar Ink. and I will have a separate planner for scheduling.

Be sure to check out [caite&kelly], because I have been updating a lot for fall the past few days. There is still more to come too!

I have also heard talk that my cousin's shop will have some new stuff soon too! []

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