Monday, January 17, 2011

*sigh* the joys of parenting, and some lessons for today.

Above is a photo of my beautiful daughter. Below are photos of my beautiful daughter plus half a container (the big one) of Vaseline.

Lesson number one (probably the important one): If possible, avoid putting the changing table and crib next to eachother. If this can not be avoided, do not leave easily opened containers of anything on said changing table, or any surface for that matter. They will likely coat themselves with it instead of actually sleeping during their nap.

Lesson number two: In case you are unable to follow lesson one, cornstarch is said to remove vaseline from hair. I am to pat it on her hair then shampoo it out with warm water. Cold water will make it worse and simply shampooing it will do nothing (I tried twice--and I tried dawn handsoap too) I have not tried it yet, but I will update this post after I do. Just got to wait for some hot water. LOL

Wish me luck.

ATTEMPT ONE: unsuccessful. :( will try again in 12-24 hrs.

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