Saturday, November 27, 2010 wanna know a little about me? Q&A

I am going to frequently post a few Q & A's for you all. I thought this would be fun and share a little about myself I wouldn't normally/randomly share; I will try and elaborate a bit and tell stories too. :) Feel free to post any more questions, or have your friends ask you some to share on your blog! If so, post your blog link here so I can check them out!!!

How old are you? I am 21 years old as of August 30th!

Where do you live and with who? I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my daughter, Madalyn-who will be 2 in January OMG, and my boyfriend, Zach.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Florida. I was born in Clearwater and lived in Safety Harbor until I was about 12. I then, moved in with my Aunt & Uncle in Gainesville for a year to finish middle school. At the end of the year when I was going to move back in with my mom and step-dad, they got a house in the New Port Richey area of Florida. I went to high school there for about 3 years, and when I was 16 we all moved here to Kentucky [  in the middle of my senior year ;*(   ] Kenny's (my stepdad's) family lives here and they wanted to be closer, and thought it was a better place to raise my now 6 year old sister, Meghan. I guess it's not so bad here.

With whom did you grow up? siblings? friends? I mostly grew up with my brother, Tommy, and my mom was a single mom, she worked WAY too hard, and took amazing care of us. I am very independent because of the example that my mom set for me. I spent a LOT of time with my friend Amber, since she was my "across-the-street" neighbor, and when my Aunt Melinda ("Mindy" --not officially my aunt, but was VERY close with our family and my mom) and her daughters lived in Florida in different spurts, we spent a whole lot of time together too. Mindy had 3, almost 4 daughters when I actually remember "meeting" them (I was so young)--Teisha(my age and the one I was closest to--actually asked me these questions too!) Brandy, Stephanie, and almost Autumn. She now has a few more: Jazmein, Ciera, & Savanna-they all live in Maryland now, and Brandy just had twins!  Once I got closer to my teen years, I spent most of my spare time with Melissa. I am still very close with all of the above named, btw, even though we're all miles and miles apart.

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