Wednesday, November 24, 2010

want 10% off from caite&kelly?

Do you want a special coupon code for caite&kelly to get 10% off???  It's easy. As a matter of fact, there a bunch of ways to get special prices with caite&kelly.

1. "Like" our page on facebook! We will share exclusive sales with you and special coupon codes.

2. Read this blog! I will share sales and updates with all of you regularly.

3. Share our shop! If you share with your friends, via your blog or fb or however you choose, post the link here, and I will send you a coupon code!

4. Buy something from our shop, and you'll receive a coupon code after checkout to get 10% off your following order!

5. Buy something from Gamer Love & Narwhal Dreams, and get a special coupon code.

Also, on BLACK FRIDAY enter "BLACK35" for 35% OFF YOUR ORDER.

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